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Create Yourself a Shopify Dropshipping Store, Quick & Easy

Shopify - Get Started With Dropshipping AliExpress

Create Yourself a Shopify Dropshipping Store, Quick & Easy

Great for those who have never created a Shopify store before and want to get started with dropshipping AliExpress.

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What you’ll learn?

Create Yourself a Shopify Dropshipping Store, Quick & Easy

  • Setup a Shopify store
  • Setup a Facebook Pixel
  • Install the DSers Dropshipping App
  • Add Product & Collections to your Store
  • Integrate Payment Systems like Paypal / Stripe etc
  • Customize Your Shopify Theme
  • Configuring Shipping for your Shop


  • You will need a Shopify account, Facebook account (to install Facebook pixel), and DSers dropshipping app (I will show you how to set these things up in the course)

Create Yourself a Shopify Dropshipping Store

You will learn how to set up a fully ready-to-go dropshipping-enabled Shopify store in just a couple of hours or so. This is a beginner course geared toward people who have never set up a Shopify store before.

I will be talking about the methods that I prefer to use and share insights that I have gained from over 10 years of Shopify drop-shipping.

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We will install some essential apps, like the Loox review app, and touch upon abandon cart configuration, theme design, menu setup, adding products, and filling orders. We will touch upon some apps and install some essentials.

I will be fast-tracking you to a complete setup with as little filler as possible. We will set up your shop, connect it with a Facebook pixel, and configure your domain for Facebook pixel tracking so that you will be fully ready to start promoting your shop.

We will go over how to customize your Shopify theme. Set up payment methods, and I’ll be sharing my special way to handle shipping calculations for drop shipping.

This course will get you up and running with all of the essentials. It’s a fast-track method to starting up a new Shopify store that will serve as the perfect starting point.

Who this course is for?

  • This is a beginner’s course, intended for those who have never set up a Shopify store before.

Create Yourself a Shopify Dropshipping Store, Quick & Easy

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