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Adobe Lightroom CC + Classic 11 Professional Photo Editing Course

Version 11 has been made available. Learn every one of my Photoshop and Lightroom tricks. Make your photographs stand out by becoming organized.

Adobe Lightroom CC + Classic 11 Professional Photo Editing Course

What you’ll learn ?

  • Learn how to edit your images in Lightroom Classic and Lightroom CC like an expert.
  • Discover my editing expert tricks for fantastic pictures. in Lightroom CC as well as Lightroom Classic.
  • Learn where to begin your editing. Not where you expect.
  • Find out how the Develop Module works to make your photo editing in Lightroom Classic and Lightroom CC more accurate.
  • How to effectively utilize Lightroom
  • You will learn how to edit your images according to your creative vision using all the editing tools in both Lightroom Classic and Lightroom CC.
  • Collections and Smart Collections Use cases (my favorite)
  • How to design and create presets
  • How to edit effectively and efficiently.
  • You are aware of the ideal place to begin the editing procedure.
  • How to arrange your picture library
  • Lightroom book creation instructions
  • Create a slideshow in Lightroom: instructions on your images using presets for export
  • Create files for your expert lab using the Print Module.
  • Your photos should include keywords.
  • Find any picture quickly and easily from among thousands.
  • Tips to improve your chances of having your photographs appear on search engine results pages
  • Increase your productivity by using keyboard shortcuts.
  • Use smart previews when traveling and bringing your catalog with you.
  • What has to be changed in the library module?
  • Find out how many Lightroom catalogs you need.
  • How to make copyright settings
  • To follow along, free picture resources are provided.
  • How to modify the Lightroom identification plate so you can put your name or logo
  • Find out how Lightroom CC and Lightroom Classic CC differ.
  • Learn how to use all of the features and tools in Lightroom CC (mobile version).
  • I could continue forever. But, I think you get the picture.

Requirements :

Description :

This course has been updated to reflect the Development Module modifications (version 11). I get early access to the most recent version since I work on the Lightroom team. I can test, provide feedback to Adobe, generate ideas, and update this course (before anybody else) depending on what I discover thanks to early access.

Also, I vouch for this course as being the finest and the only one you’ll need to grasp Lightroom’s picture editing and organization features.

Other free courses are available on

Seven courses in one, as a bonus!

  1. Use the desktop version of Lightroom to complete the course. Learn how to organize and edit photographs!
  2. A thorough introduction to Lightroom’s mobile application in Adobe Lightroom CC. Become an expert picture editor.
  3. Portrait Beauty Retouching & Full Edit
  4. Instructions for Making Photo Collages in Lightroom
  5. Wedding photographers’ workflow
  6. Presets For Lightroom To Slash Your Workflow By 50% Or More
  7. 35 Lightroom Presets to Change the Way Your Fall Photos Look

In this master class on Lightroom Classic and Lightroom CC, I share all of my trade secrets, insider information, and methods in this master class.

This comprehensive manual covers both Lightroom Classic and Lightroom CC. All the information you need to use and master this program. From organizing and editing your photos to distributing them via slideshows, printing, and other methods.

All 7 modules—library, development, map, book, slide show, print, and web—will be covered in detail.

Photographers use Adobe Photoshop, Lightroom Classic, and Lightroom CC. It lets you manage, edit, and sort your images in ways that no other program can.

The Lightroom courses start off by defining Lightroom, catalogs, and the recommended number of them. The next step is to break down the interface and figure out how to change it to meet our needs.

From there, you can see how we arrange, import, and do sophisticated searches. Once you’re organized, we’ll look at all your choices for editing in the Develop module to produce artistic masterpieces.

Use the example photographs to follow along as we make both fundamental and sophisticated changes. We’ll share your images with the public after you’ve finished editing them.

Learn how to make online galleries and slide displays. Additionally, we’ll cover how to correctly export your photographs from Lightroom for printing!

After you finish watching the Lightroom video courses, you will fully understand how to use Lightroom correctly and effectively.

Who this course is for ?

  • Digital photographers at every skill level.
  • Anyone interested in learning how to utilize the development module for photography will be able to
  • Photographers who wish to learn how to arrange their images using the Library Module
  • Photographers who want to learn how to edit their photos correctly with Lightroom Classic and/or Lightroom CC
  • Is anyone interested in learning all there is to know about Lightroom Classic and/or Lightroom CC?
  • Photographers who wish to accelerate the editing process for their images may discover.
  • Photographers who wish to learn how to upload their images and automatically alter them
  • Photographers who are interested in learning how to import copyright information
  • Photographers seeking expert advice on how to edit images from a 30-year veteran

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