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30+ React Projects, Learn React JS by Building 30+ Web Apps

Learn React.js and its most powerful & commonly used React Hooks

30+ React Projects, Learn React JS by Building 30+ Web Apps – Courses Bag

Learn React.js and its most powerful & commonly used React Hooks

What you’ll learn?

30+ React Projects, Learn React JS by Building 30+ Web Apps – Courses Bag

  • Learn how to work with the React JavaScript Framework and create excellent web applications
  • Learn all the React Hooks (useState, useEffect, use context, useMemo, useRef) and use them in simple to more complex projects
  • Create powerful React Components which you can use in later projects
  • Learn how to install and use React Icons and use them in a multitude of projects
  • Learn how to install and use React Styled Components and use them in a multitude of projects
  • Learn to create simple-to-grasp workflows using React’s powerful libraries
  • Learn JSX syntax for extended HTML



30+ React Projects, Learn React JS by Building 30+ Web Apps

This React Course is a project-based Course that focuses on sharpening your skills as a Web Developer by creating modern Web Applications using the React JavaScript Framework and its large library of npm packages.

This course will also teach you the most powerful and commonly used React Hooks like useStateuseEffectuse, and use context, and together with them you will be able to build powerful reusable components for future projects.

This course will use only functional components and NOT class-based components.

Who is this course for?

This course is for beginner and intermediate React developers who want to create a solid react projects portfolio with modern web applications ranging from simple to more complex ones, while also learning:

  • Structure
  • Use of React Hooks
  • Creation of reusable React components

What will you learn in this course?

By taking this course you will learn multiple use cases for the most powerful and commonly used React Hooks like useStateuseEffectuse, and use context.

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You will also learn

  • How to process data using local DBs and server-based DB using mock servers.
  • How to use React Icons
  • How to use React-styled components.
  • How to use React routing system
  • How to install and use third-party npm packages
  • and much much more…

Why should you learn ReactJS?

React saves you time and money on development because it’s component-based. You can break down an interface into reusable components that allow you to build dynamic user interfaces. This taps into the current thinking behind ‘Design Systems’.

What is React?

React is a free and open-source front-end JavaScript library for building user interfaces based on UI components. It is maintained by Meta and a community of individual developers and companies

Here are even more reasons why you should learn React.

  1. React is declarative
  2. React makes app development easier
  3. The React community is amazing
  4. React is all about Reusable Components
  5. React is used by huge organizations
  6. React is SEO-friendly
  7. React fully embraces JavaScript and TypeScript
  8. React has a fast learning curve

At the end of the course, you will be able to build 30 Web Apps

Here are all of the projects we are going to build in this course:

  1. E-signature-app
  2. Randomize-colors
  3. Like my photo
  4. Testimonials
  5. Alerts in web apps
  6. Temperature-controller
  7. Dark-mode
  8. Unlock slider
  9. Slider App
  10. Hidden-search-bar
  11. Magic Popup…

My name is Norbert

Who this course is for?

  • Beginner React developers who are looking to learn React js.
  • Beginner Front End developers who want to learn a front-end JavaScript Framework.
  • Beginner developers who want to create simple-to-grasp dev workflows and have Ultimate flexibility and compatibility.
  • Developers who seek High performance reinforced by Virtual DOM and Hassle-free reusability. of components
  • Beginner or intermediate web developers who want to understand Reacts unique hooks.

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